Auto accidents occur every day.  The injuries that arise from these accidents can range from minor to long-term and are impacted by a variety of factors, such as:  the speed at collision, your body position, the location of impact, whether a seatbelt was worn and whether air bags deployed.


At Adamson Chiropractic in Lacey, you will find a versatile and experienced team, ready to take on your auto accident injury.  Massage therapy and acupuncture services perfectly compliment Dr. Adamson’s innovative chiropractic methods, offering you the most comprehensive care plan possible.


Auto accidents present a multitude of stresses, and it is common for health care to take a back seat, but even the most minor of discomfort should be evaluated.  Chiropractic professionals are the most sought out physicians by injured persons following an auto accident.


Some common symptoms of injury after an auto accident are headaches, neck pain, muscle spasms, shoulder aches, lower back pain, difficulty sleeping, stiffness and/or a tingling sensation. Dr. Adamson can help pinpoint the root of your pain that may be masked behind these surface ailments, ensuring your injury has the best opportunity to heal correctly, reducing any long-term pain or discomfort.


Did you know that endorphins can mask symptoms of an injury after an auto accident?  Days or even months may pass without any signs that you may have experienced an injury.  The most common auto accident injury, whiplash, is known for symptoms that tend to sneak up on you long after the accident.  No symptoms do not necessarily mean you are in the clear.


Involved in a low-speed auto accident?  Over 80% of car accidents occur at speeds under 25 mph and yet these are considered some of the most dangerous.  This is because people walk away believing they are fine, or take over the counter medications to relieve symptoms they believe are temporary.  Remember, never self-diagnose.  Let a physician, or chiropractic professional such as Dr. Adamson diagnose and recommend treatment for immediate care and long-term relief.


Chiropractic medicine is one of the best ways to treat injuries from auto accidents.  Not only does chiropractic care offer alternative healing solutions to medication and surgery, but its practices are founded in the care of soft tissues, joints, muscles and your neck and spine, all of which are prime candidates for damage in any auto accident.


Don’t let an injury from an auto accident interrupt your daily routine.  Contact the most dynamic auto accident care team in the South Sound, Adamson Chiropractic in Lacey, to make your appointment today. From navigating insurance to developing the most individualized care plan possible, Dr. Adamson and her team will make your care their top priority.  Plan to make Adamson Chiropractic your first step on the road to recovery.