Looking for a great chiropractor in Lacey, Olympia, Shelton, Tumwater, Yelm, and near JBLM? At Adamson Chiropractic in Lacey, personalized care is the top priority.  Whether sports, illness, injury or daily life brings you to their door, they will find the treatments that will bring you back to life.

Dr. Adamson, an athlete herself, knows firsthand how discouraging it can be when our body’s mechanics aren’t running the way they should.  Determined to find alternative means to restore her own body after a gymnastics injury, she discovered chiropractic sports medicine.  Her success fueled her inspiration to provide the greater Olympia area with the finest chiropractic care possible.

The Best Chiropractic Care in Lacey

Adamson Chiropractic is a leading provider of exceptional preventative and restorative services in Thurston County is located in Lacey, WA.  They are Olympia’s one-stop care facility, offering acupuncture, massage therapy, sports specific treatment, and relief from injury both on and off the job.  They are also one of only a few providers in the Olympia area that specialize in Active Release Techniques.  ART targets and treats soft tissues, such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves that are prone to damage and overuse.

Chiropractic care can ease the pain of injuries new and old and support recovery from surgeries.  It can revitalize not only your body but your mind as well.  Thurston County is a jumping off point for many Northwest adventures.  Whether climbing the mountains, hitting the water, or walking the trails, a visit to Adamson Chiropractic in Lacey can get you out the door on the right foot and in the best shape possible.  That is because the team at Adamson Chiropractic is ready to design a plan aimed, not at long term care, but at lifestyle restoration.

Chiropractor in Lacey, WA

No matter where you call home, Lacey, Olympia, Shelton or Yelm, Adamson Chiropractic is worth the drive.  You’ll find a team dedicated, not the treatment of the injury itself, but to the whole person, YOU.  Voted by their patients as Lacey’s Top Chiropractor, it’s hard to think of a reason not to stop on by.