As a competitive athlete herself, Dr. Adamson knows first hand the crushing-feeling that accompanies an athletic injury.  No matter your specialty, time off the field can cause worry and anxiety as you begin the journey to recovery, wondering all the while if you will be the same athlete you were before.


Adamson Chiropractic in Lacey, offers some of the best personalized sports injury treatment options in the South Sound region.  Whether you are a competitive athlete, like Dr. Adamson, or a recreational or first-time athlete, you will find individualized treatment options to keep you healthy and feeling your best, on and off the field.


Why Chiropractic Care is a Top Choice for Athletes


Chiropractic care is all about making your body perform correctly, restoring and enhancing its most fundamental functions.  The better your body functions, the lower the risk of injury.  A visit to Dr. Adamson before your athletic season will give you the opportunity to detect any imbalances and relieve tension that may hinder your training and performance or increase your risk of injury.


Athletes of all levels and ages seek out chiropractic care to treat and prevent injuries because chiropractors promote wellness of the whole self.  When one area is injured, or weak from overuse, chiropractors, like Dr. Adamson, know that treating that one area alone is not enough because everything in the body is connected, working together, helping you make that basket, run that play, or swim that final lap.


Common Athletic Injuries


Athletic injuries can be acute or chronic.  Acute injuries often arise from sudden movements, unexpected blows or poor conditioning.  Running, jumping and tackling are examples of movements that can lead to tears, sprains and strains.  Chronic injury results from overuse.  Runners, golfers, pitchers and tennis players are just a few of the athletes who apply repetitive motion in their game, causing pain and injury over time.  Athletic injuries can also arise from misalignment, lack of flexibility and muscular imbalances.


You want a physician who is experienced in treating athletes and identifying athletic specific injuries.  Not only are these chiropractors better at treating the injury itself, but they also have specific techniques for avoiding reinjury.  Dr. Adamson, is both an athlete and a specially trained, sports medicine chiropractor.  Because she strives to get you back in performance shape, she is the best choice for sports injury care in the Lacey, Dupont, Tumwater and Olympia area.