Workplace injuries can impact us all, no matter our occupation.  When pain or injury results from sports or a favorite activity, we can choose to take time off while we heal.  This isn’t always the case with workplace injuries, in fact we may not even realize our job is the cause of our pain.

Dr. Adamson and her team at Adamson Chiropractic in Lacey, specialize in diagnosing and relieving the pain that results from common workplace injuries.  Dr. Adamson understands that our jobs are our lifelines.  They are what allow us to care for and support ourselves and those that we love.  That is why Adamson Chiropractic offers the most innovative and effective chiropractic care plans in the South Sound aimed at getting you back to work as soon as possible.

Some workplace injuries are obvious, a specific incident leading to a specific injury or source of pain.  Others take time to develop, months or years even, leading to chronic pain and discomfort when left untreated.  Adamson Chiropractic in Lacey knows how to diagnose and treat workplace injuries on an individual level, making them the best care option in the Olympia area.

Chiropractic care is a number one choice for treatment of these common workplace injuries:


Workplace Injuries from Accidents

You may think workplace injuries from accidents are specific to those of us who work manual labor, who are out in the elements, utilizing heaving or sharp equipment, or subject to other physical hazards. That simply isn’t case.  Even an office can present its own hazards.  Falls can occur from ladders and from chairs being improperly used as ladders.  Slips and trips on slippery surfaces or stairs, even when we don’t fall, can strain our muscles and soft tissues as we unconsciously react, attempting to maintain our balance.  And, no matter what you are lifting, pulling or pushing, whether a box of copy paper or bale of hay, straining our bodies beyond our personal limits can result in injury from overexertion.


Workplace Injuries from Overuse

Failing to recognize proper ergonomics can cause chronic pain and discomfort in the workplace. Repetitive motions of any kind can lead to carpel tunnel and tendonitis in our joints.  Improper posture over extended periods can lead to back and neck pain.  Headaches, tingling and numbness are also common symptoms of overuse.


Choosing Adamson Chiropractic is an easy choice when you consider that chiropractic care is the best of the best when it comes keeping your body mechanics in working order.

Need another reason to choose Adamson Chiropractic for treatment of your workplace injury?  The team at Adamson Chiropractic are experienced navigators of the Washington Department of Labor and Industries system and are always ready and available to help you understand and submit your LNI claims. Working with an insurance company?  They can navigate that too.

Many studies have shown time spent away from work for recovery is greatly reduced when patients choose chiropractic care as their first point of contact for a workplace injury.  But it isn’t always about getting back to work.  You may already be at work, modifying your day to accommodate your pain or injury.  Let Adamson Chiropractic get you back to working comfortably.