While gender is only one element of a great physician, it can be the deciding factor for many of us when it comes to selecting the people we want in charge of our health and well-being.

Adamson Chiropractic in Lacey, not only offers a female chiropractor, but an entirely female staff as well.  From the acupuncturist, Anita Tayyebi, to massage therapists, Denise Workman, Sydney Rothfels and Christina Van Camp to Dr. Nicole Adamson herself, you will find the most dynamic female chiropractic care team in the South Sound region.

While every physician and chiropractor brings their own personality and values into their work, many people find that female chiropractors offer their own important benefits.  Here are four reasons a female chiropractor, and the team at Adamson Chiropractic in Lacey, may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Unparalleled Attentiveness

How do you get the best care possible?  By working with a chiropractor who takes the time to truly listen. Dr. Adamson and her team pride themselves on finding the care that will get you healthy and back to living in the shortest time possible.  They do this through genuine attentiveness, by taking the time to understand not just your ailment or injury, but you as well, resulting in the most specific, individualized and productive care plan possible.

Strong Relationship Values

Many patients find that female chiropractors place more value on the development of lasting doctor-patient relationships.  The team at Adamson Chiropractic builds these relationships in many ways, from designing care plans that fit your comfort and needs, to helping you navigate insurance and L&I claims and by being available, even on Saturdays.  Most of all, you will find that Dr. Adamson and her team truly care about your wellness.  Patients often chose female chiropractors over their male counterparts because of this ability to empathize and offer care that stems from a more nurturing instinct.

A Different Point of View

A wonderful benefit of a female chiropractor may be her ability to see your ailment or injury from a new point of view.  Adamson Chiropractic, not only offers an all-female care team, but a variety of care options.  Dr. Adamson’s office grew from her own personal injury and journey to find alternatives to surgery.  It is in her nature to look beyond mainstream practices and seek alternative means to healing.  Her creative expertise will be your advantage.

A Matter of Personal Preference

For some people, choosing a female chiropractor is simply a matter of comfort.  No matter what your past experiences may have been like with chiropractic, or physician care, Dr. Adamson and her team at Adamson Chiropractic in Lacey will exceed your hopes and expectations.