I am honored and grateful to have served in our community for the past three years as a chiropractic physician. I have been blessed with wonderful opportunities to help people with a variety of biomechanical conditions, and educate those who have had questions regarding consevative medicine. I have reached out to people seeking alternatives to surgery and drugs, and have been successful in helping those people understand that there is always a different option to what mainstream medicine suggests. I have been fortunate to accomplish these things as an independent business owner and I have loved every challenge I have been faced with in private practice. Some of my fondest memories have been practicing with my longtime friend, Dr. Monti Sorem. We have grown up together to form our “chiropractic family” and we have taught each-other and shared with one another a dictionary of physical medicine. Through our years in private practice together, the two of us have one very strong thing in common; to strive for excellence in patient care.

I have built my practice on a foundation that says I am not just a bone cracker; I am a biomechanical expert. I specialize in soft tissue and sports related injuries that often result from overuse, by using a specific technique called A.R.T. (Active Release Technique). Sciatica, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, shoulder and knee injuries are just a few of the many conditions that can be solved quickly and permanently with A.R.T. With my strong background in this advanced soft tissue technique and Dr. Sorem’s knowledge of strength and conditioning, we have both built a very strong practice of patients seeking functional improvement and permanent life change. I have treated everyone from elite athletes, government agents, state employees, military personnel, manual laboreres, and the hardest working moms you can imagine. With this vast clinical experience, I am pleased to announce an expansion in my practice as Adamson Chiropractic has taken over Sorem Family Chiropractic. Dr. Sorem is leaving private practice to move into emergency medicine, and expand his expertise as a paramedic.

This is an exciting opportunity for our established patients and those who are new to Adamson Chiropractic; both to have a fresh perspective, but also to keep continuity of care for those who have been established long-term. I am very excited for this change and ready to take on a new challenge. As much as I am sad to see my good friend go, I wish him well and I know we will both be successful. Life is full of unexpected circumstances, but with those come some of the biggest rewards. I am certain this transition will continue to be seamless and our patients will be happy with the excellence in care that has been delivered.

If you haven’t been to our clinic, please come in and allow yourself to get established in a great environment and meet my wonderful staff. We offer all new patients a complimentary examination and massage. We also extend that offer to Dr. Sorem’s existing patients and encourage you to come in and be re-evalutated. On behalf of all of us at Adamson Chiropractic, we thank you for your continued support, and allowing us the opportunity to deliver excellent chiropractic care to you.