Adamson Chiropractic in Lacey offers superior chiropractic care and acupuncture services in the South Sound area, but did you also know they have an experienced, versatile team of massage therapists on staff as well?


Dr. Nicole Adamson knows that the road to wellness and recovery can take many forms.  Each of us requires something unique, from the time we spend on that road focusing on our healing, to the stops we need to make and people we need to see along the way.  Massage therapy is one of those vital stops for many people seeking relief from acute and chronic pain and that is why Dr. Adamson has made massage therapy such an essential element of her practice.


South Sound Residents from Olympia to Yelm are just a short drive away from some of the best massage therapy care available.  Denise Workman, Sydney Rothfels and Christina Van Camp make up Adamson Chiropractic’s experienced massage therapy team.  Together they offer an extensive list of services, offering massage therapy options for relief from headaches, pregnancy, sports injuries, fibromyalgia and other pain or trauma that is negatively impacting your daily life. Techniques range from deep tissue massage, cupping, trigger point therapy and myoskeletal release.


Massage therapy is also a proven care option for the treatment of stress.  Built up stress can impact our health, not only physically, but mentally as well. In fact, some people seek out massage therapy simply to savor the relaxing effects.  When muscles are given a chance to relax, pressure on nerves eases, space around the joints improves and overall mobility increases.  Massage therapy encourages circulation allowing more nutrients to reach your muscles resulting in an overall, healthier you.


Because massage therapy cares for the whole you, you may even discover that the benefits reach beyond your original, ache, pain or injury offering you better sleep, more energy and an improved mood and outlook.


Whether you are new to massage therapy, or a devote believer, you will find the most exceptional massage therapy services in the Olympia area at Adamson Chiropractic.   Their massage therapy team is available in person or by phone to answer your questions and discover the massage therapy options that will fit you best.