Massage Therapy

Massage therapy benefits the body in many ways. Stress relief contributes to a happier you which leads to a happier life. Loosened muscles lead to increased mobility, better circulation and even better posture which means you can do more of what you love pain free and with more confidence. Massage techniques, and the type of massage provided will depend on your needs. We strive to cater our care for each unique individual. Our office will put you at ease with friendly staff and a comfortable environment.

If you are a new patient, looking into therapeutic massage, we recommend you establish care with our resident sports physician. Our sports physician can diagnose any underlying issues, advise you of the best therapy options for your condition and determine if there is a medical necessity for massage therapy. Dr. Adamson can give a referral for any medical condition causing spasms, pain or loss of mobility. Insurance does not cover massage therapy without a diagnosis and referral from a physician such as Dr. Adamson.

Whether you are looking to regain mobility, ease pain, relieve stress, or simply relax, we have an experienced therapist here for you.

Olympia Massage Therapy Services & Techniques

  • Rehabilitation Massage – Recovering from injuries, trauma and accidents is a frustrating process and can be physically and emotionally exhausting.  Massage therapy can greatly improve the rehabilitation process. Our therapists have extensive training and a history of clinical experience resolving acute injuries and restoring range of motion, mobility and flexibility in an expeditious manner.

  • Deep Tissue Massage – This technique is used to reach deeper layers of the muscle and connective tissue surrounding muscles- breaking up chronic scar tissue, breaking down muscle “knots” or adhesions (bands of painful, rigid tissue) and addressing chronic aches and pain.

  • Prenatal Massage – Pregnancy brings many changes to the body. There is a great amount of pressure on the nerves, tension to the muscles, and water retention throughout the body. Prenatal massage therapy is pivotal to women’s prenatal care and can reduce anxiety, relieve muscle aches and joint pains and even improve labor outcomes. Some of the debilitating conditions that are caused by or intensified in pregnancy and which we can address and bring relief through prenatal massage include: sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, lymphadema, anterior hip pain from ligamentous laxity, headaches, and mid back pain. We have specialized luxurious equipment with padding and comfortable pillows so that the mom can be pampered and receive therapeutic massage in any position- including on the tummy- at any stage throughout her pregnancy.

  • Sports Massage – Sports massage has become an integral part of the athletic regimen. Our therapists are highly trained to restore mobility, increase function and reduce pain to get you back on track to enjoy the activities you wish quickly. Focused treatments on injuries, and areas of the body that have been overused and stressed from repetitive movements, have proven to return you to the sport or hobby you’re passionate about in no time!

  • Therapeutic Modalities – Our therapists are experienced and offer a natural approach beyond traditional massage therapy to bring relief. Techniques offered include:

    • Cupping– cupping brings stagnant blood to the surface, fresh blood to the area, and helps improve circulation.

    • Gua Sha– Gua sha works similar to cupping, except that the relief is achieved by using a stroking movement over the skin with a flat piece of horn, jade, or a Chinese soup spoon.

    • Cryotherapy– Cryotherapy is a pain treatment that uses a method of localized freezing temperatures to deaden an irritated nerve. Cryotherapy can be used to treat conditions that involve irritation of an isolated nerve.

    • TMJ Disfunction Treatment– Specialized treatment to address and bring relief from ongoing TMJ.

  • Relaxation Massage – Our massage therapists are here to help you relax, unwind and alleviate any built up tension or stress. Don’t let stress mar your day-to-day life. Let our therapists pamper you.


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