At Adamson Chiropractic in Lacey, South Sound residents are given the opportunity to work not only with the most versatile care team in the area, but to also benefit from the most innovative and proven treatment options available. 

Dr. Nicole Adamson is specially trained and certified in Active Release Techniques (ART).  ART is a care plan for patients suffering from soft tissue injury and overuse.  It is comprised of specific treatment protocols that result in more exact diagnoses and more individualized treatment options. 

By applying precise, uninterrupted pressure to your injury while simultaneously directing you through ART’s specific movements, Dr. Adamson can explore your injury on a very personal level, feeling the structure’s responses with each change in movement.  ART is unique because it’s protocol follows the body’s kinetic chain, recognizing that an injury to one area of our bodies can domino into others.


ART for Soft Tissue Injuries

Our bodies are composed of soft tissues, such as muscles, ligaments, tendons, facia and nerves, all of which are prone to acute injury and chronic pain from overuse.  Every size of trauma can leave behind scar tissue, which over time can result in weaker, shorter muscles, reduced range of motion and even trapped nerves.


ART has proven to be an effective treatment option for patients suffering from:


·         Knee and Shoulder Pain

·         Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

·         Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow

·         Achilles Tendinitis

·         Headaches

·         Sciatica and Back Pain


ART for Living

Many people who experience ART for the first time are former participants of less effective, failed treatment options that produced little or no relief.  Because ART offers both unparalleled injury analysis and treatment within every session you know you will be receiving the best soft tissue care and repair possible.

At Adamson Chiropractic, you don’t need a special referral to add ART to your care plan.  All you have to do is ask.  Whether you are an athlete or an artist, a weekend warrior or a stay at home mom, no one is immune to soft tissue injuries and ART is the preferred treatment option due to its non-invasive techniques.  Let Dr. Adamson show you how ART can positively impact your recovery, improve your strength and flexibility and get you back to living.