Most people know that chiropractors offer natural relief for back and neck pain, but many don’t realize that chiropractors can also offer relief for knee pain, arm pain and shoulder pain.

The shoulder is extremely mobile, possibly the most mobile joint in the body. The shoulder joint is held together mostly by ligaments. And it’s the surrounding muscles that offer stability and strength. The rotator cuff is a group of small muscles that hold the bone in the upper arm against the shoulder joint. The shoulder enables you to reach over head, behind the back, below the waist and swing your arms all the way around. Motion of the shoulder is in nearly every activity. The fact that motion in the shoulder is used constantly in sports, work, leisure activities and chores means that it is susceptible to irritation, injury and pain.

Misalignments along the upper back and neck are often linked to shoulder pain. Evaluating the alignment of your spine, lower and upper back as well as the neck, will expose any underlying issues that may be causing shoulder pain. This is often a first step to finding the core issue.

Rotator Cuff Syndrome is a common injury of the shoulder. It is caused by inflammation, swelling, or tears in the muscles and tendons. Aggravation in the rotator cuff can be induced by an imbalance in the muscles and tendons in the chest and upper back.

If rotator cuff syndrome is not treated, it can lead to other problems. Often people stop using the shoulder because it is too painful. This can lead to Frozen Shoulder. A frozen shoulder is caused by adhesions that develop between the tendons. These adhesions cause the tendons to be stuck together. If the rotator cuff is injured and not rehabilitated properly, over years, it can cause calcium deposits and permanent damage.

Mild shoulder pain after over-use may be tendonitis and should resolve after a few days. If pain lingers longer, or becomes more severe, you should be evaluated. You may be dealing with a deeper issue, such as rotator cuff syndrome. Dr. Adamson uses Active Release Technique, a soft tissue technique, to treat muscles tendons and ligaments to aid in the rehabilitation of motion and mobility.

If you are suffering from shoulder pain, contact Adamson Chiropractic to schedule your evaluation. Initial evaluations are thorough and will go over your history, including any accidents or injuries, your current activities and lifestyle as well as your goals for the future. She will implement a plan to regain full motion and mobility and maintain a healthy lifestyle.