Chiropractic Care in Olympia and Lacey

Exercise and participating in what you love is GOOD and HEALTHY for both mind and body. Whether it’s gymnastics, baseball, basketball, soccer, dance, football, tennis or running, sports are an exhilarating part of life! However, exercising, repetitive motions and pushing yourself, can put you at risk for injury. We don’t want this to stop you from pursuing your passion. On the contrary! We want to help you excel in reaching your goals to become the best you can be. Chiropractic care at Adamson Chiropractic is just what you need.

Sports Injuries in Lacey and Olympia

Sports injuries are common, affecting millions every year. And while there is no way of preventing sports related accidents, some injuries caused by straining and overuse are preventable. By using proper pre- and post- workout stretches as well as therapeutic massage, many debilitating injuries can be avoided. Adamson Chiropractic has a resident sports physician as well as massage therapists who specialize in sports massage therapy. The team at Adamson Chiropractic can help improve performance, maintain health, restore mobility, increase function and decrease pain.

Common sports related injuries:

  • Ankle sprain.

  • Groin pull.

  • Hamstring strain.

  • Shin splints.

  • Knee injury.

  • Tennis elbow.

  • Back pain.

Adamson Chiropractic has been successful in treating all of these through thorough examination and tailored care. As a competitive gymnast who suffered severe spinal injuries and was able to avoid surgery and compete again, Dr. Adamson is dedicated to see her patients improve and get back to what they love. She uses Active Release Technique to effectively treat many of these sport induced issues.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care in Lacey and Olympia

Chiropractic care is beneficial to any athlete as the alignment of the spine is an integral part to optimum health and performance. Alignment of the spine results in increased range of motion, reduced nerve irritability and improved function. Along with the alignment of the spine, many other common injuries can be treated through chiropractic care.

Don’t let a sports injury get in the way of doing what you enjoy. Whether you are suffering from a sprain, a strain, dislocation, or subluxation, Adamson Chiropractic can help you gain mobility, relieve your pain and get you active again! And if feel you are currently in good place, active and healthy, but are looking for ways to avoid injuries, and maintain optimum health, meet with our sports physician and discuss proper care, stretching and therapy options to keep your muscles, bones and ligaments in prime condition. Schedule your visit today, at Adamson Chiropractic in Lacey, specializing in sports medicine, massage therapy and chiropractic care.