Can chiropractic care help manage stress?

Stress seems to loom over everyone. People work long hours, they have busy families, an illness, and then there’s always the budget. Any way you slice it, stress is there. Stress is normal but it isn’t always healthy. Stress can lead to sleep issues, eating disorders, high blood pressure and more. Did you know that a chiropractor can help manage and relieve stress? Lucky for you, they can!

There are three different forms of stress the body faces:

  • Physical Stress may be caused by:

    • Improper lifting

    • Rotating work shifts

    • Repetitive motions

    • Car accidents

    • Injuries

    • Being overweight

  • Emotional Stress may be caused by:

    • Deadlines

    • Death of a loved one

    • Divorce

    • Relocating

    • Crying children

  • Chemical Stress may be caused by:

    • Caffiene

    • Eating foods high in corn syrup, sugar or white flour

    • Hormonal imbalance

    • Prescription and over the counter medications


Although there are many ways to improve your health and reduce stress, such as exercising, maintaining a healthy diet, and getting plenty of sleep, chiropractic treatment comes with a variety of benefits many of which help reduce stress and anxiety and improve quality of life by creating a domino effect. For example, treating misalignments directly reduce pain, improve quality of life and improve sleep which leads to improved energy and health and a reduction of stress.

Chiropractic care focuses on the spine which is the root of the nervous system. When the spine is at its healthiest, the nervous system can perform optimally which includes handling stress and boosting the immune system. When under stress, the body’s fight or flight response is triggered. Your sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is triggered which means your heart beats faster and your senses become more acute. Many studies have been conducted to determine the long term effects of chronic stress on the body. The conclusion: High blood pressure, increased risk for heart disease, damage to muscle tissue and more are all linked to stress. While stress can be beneficial in certain high-performance situations, experiencing it constantly will leave you significantly worse for the wear.

If you are feeling stressed out, call Adamson Chiropractic to schedule a consultation and let Dr. Adamson establish a plan to relieve some of your stress. Her initial exam is thorough and she always provides care catered to each unique individual. She strives to help each patient live a pain free, healthy life. And getting the root of the nervous system in line is sure to be a key ingredient to relieving muscle tension and stress!